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The True Implications of AI

Over the past five years, artificial intelligence has created a revolution within the transportation industry. Specifically freight transportation companies have been quick to adapt and incorporate new technologies into their fleets.  

The idea of AI making bounds in the trucking business often conjures up images of driverless trucks roaming about highways and rendering human labor obsolete. The truth is, AI won’t replace human workers as much as it will be used as a tool to help humans work smarter and more efficiently.

We at SafeMode are incredibly excited to be a part of this revolution in freight transportation by utilizing AI Behavioral technology to improve the safety of trucking and driving worldwide. SafeMode, for the first time ever, is combining AI and big data technology to try and eliminate the human factor from driving. We have created an incentive-based system that is proven to permanently improve driving behavior. Our software Driver Behavior 2.0 gives feedback to users to tell them what they are doing wrong and how they can improve. As a result, we help facilitate the long-term development of good driving habits. At the same time, our system is also creating driver profiles on those around them. Once we have a large enough database, we will be able to apply this information to autonomous vehicles and teach them to predict--rather than react to--negative events around them.

Our CEO and found, Ido Levy, has already received several prestigious awards for SafeMode’s progress and looks forward to the development and further use of SafeMode’s technology across the freight industry and beyond!


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