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Driverz Newsletter #1

Top Stories (News)

  • The Canadian government is mandating COVID-19 vaccines for federally regulated truckers (link).

  • Watch: Violent car and truck crash in Columbus, Ohio (link).

  • Biden seeks to enhance trucking conditions with quality driving jobs and fast-track apprenticeship (link).

  • Lawrence Freight is announcing a historic pay raise (from 88K to 92K) for the company truck drivers (link).

  • Driving schools are attempting to help the trucking shortage by hiring student graduates (link).

The Community (Influencers & Media)

  • Mike Mason, a Marine veteran, and former FBI official gives back to his community by driving a school bus and donating his salary to charity (link).

  • 4.1 Million signatures in a petition for trucker Rojel Aguilera's who was sentenced to 110 years in jail (link), Colorado’s governor reduced Aguilera’s prison sentence to 10 years (link).

  • Watch: Angelica Larrson pulling tons of construction equipment through the Christmas snow (video).

  • Cool trucking set up by trucks4launchmoney (link).

Statistics and Data

  • ATRI study on truckers’ motivators when choosing between being a Company Driver or an Owner-Operator/Independent Contractor (link).

  • Although travel was down in 2020 due to the pandemic, fatalities on roadways jumped 8% from 2019 to 2020, according to the National Safety Council (link).

  • Data indicating the significance of certain issues within the trucking industry (link).

  • Even before the pandemic, the trucking industry needed thousands of drivers to replace retirees and counterbalance its high turnover rate of 75% or more. Recent figures indicate the rate is even higher, at 90% (link).

Technology and cool stuff

  • Three gadgets drivers need in 2022: online dating sites, dynamic routing, and dash cams (link).

  • Consumer Reports tested out Tesla's new in-car cameras finding that the "cabin cameras" failed to keep the driver’s attention on the road (link).

  • Schneider to pilot Truck Driver Alcohol Detection System (link).

  • Indiana Toll Road debuts a smart parking network for truckers (link).


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