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Driverz Newsletter #2

Top Stories (News)

  • A shortage of bus drivers caused by COVID-19 forced a Vancouver school to go fully remote (link)

  • A group of professional trucker drivers push for increased highway safety, encourage reform in the training of drivers, and strongly enforce existing road guidelines (link)

  • Florida truckers are playing a crucial role in the battle against human trafficking (link)

  • Snowstorm leaves hundreds stranded on I-95 highway in Virginia for more than 24 hours (link)

The Community (Influencers & Media)

  • Watch: Driver brilliantly maneuvers his way through a dangerous waterfall

  • Truck driving couples present their captivating life on the road (link)

  • Truck driver Jean-Carlo Gachet shares and rations his food with others stuck on the I-95 highway (link)

  • Must see: After losing his job to COVID-19, a newly employed bus driver bonds with his student over their love of birds (link)

Statistics & Data

  • ATRI study describes the impact of Small Verdicts and Settlements on the Trucking Industry (link)

  • Nearly 6 percent of all full-time jobs in America are in the trucking industry, which generates over $700 billion every year (link)

  • In 2020, 52% of truckers said they faced challenges finding and retaining customers. This year, that number is a mere 9% (link)

  • According to the most recent year of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total economic cost of vehicle accidents – including the cost of medical care and productivity losses – was over $75 billion (link)

Technology and cool stuff

  • How transportation technology contributes to driver safety, globalization of products, and a greener environment (link)

  • Uber and Lyft drivers are gathering in the Denver International airport parking lot to help gain rights against their respective companies (link)

  • Five feel-good trucking stories that will put a smile on your face (link)


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