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The First Cycle of the Quantum Hub Program has Ended

Energy storage from the moisture in the air, semi-autonomous driving, IoT for factories and computer vision for airports - these are just some of the areas in which the startups that completed the first cycle are engaged.

Credit: Quantum Hub

Energy storage from the moisture in the air, semi-autonomous driving, IoT for factories and computer vision for airports - these are just some of the areas that startups that completed the first cycle of Quantum SPARK yesterday, Quantum Hub's POCs program - Innovation Center established in June this year Livnat, in collaboration with the Tadiran Group, Hyundai (Korea), and the VDL Group (Netherlands). The goal of the program is to build POCs (Proof of Concept) between the startups participating in the program, and the commercial partners participating in the program. The five ventures accepted for the quality program were selected from over 100 startups that submitted their candidacies. As part of the program, the selected startups were accompanied for 12 weeks by over 40 experts and mentors from a variety of companies in the industry - from CEOs and VPs of industrial companies to proven and well-known entrepreneurs in the industry.

Nine promising technological collaborations with the group companies and partnerships have been built under the program and are currently in various stages of implementation. AutoTrust - a start-up that develops a solution for optimal utilization of safety systems and semi-autonomous driving, with full consideration of the road conditions and the driver's driving habits. Hyundai Mobis is considering a pilot to implement the system for the purpose of analyzing and increasing the use of ADAS systems in the group's vehicles.

ThermoTerra - a start-up that uses green energy, which is created as a result of changes in humidity in the air, in favor of heating and cooling buildings and areas. Tadiran will integrate the technology as one of the solutions for energy efficiency and savings within Tadiran's air conditioning systems. IntellAct - SaaS platform based on computer vision and machine learning for management and optimization of flight preparation processes for flight (Turnaround). Laufer (from the Maman Group) will implement their AI technology in Laufer's logistics system at Ben Gurion Airport in order to reduce safety incidents and increase operational efficiency.

Safemode - works with a number of companies in the transport group, from the fields of transportation, logistics and public transportation, including Egged Transport, which is piloting the implementation of the application among drivers, in order to improve driver performance in terms of driving according to Ministry of Transportation rules, reducing safety incidents. And fuel economy. Siraj Technologies - develops an IoT solution for the world of production that allows the connection of all end products to the cloud as well as analysis and presentation of the data on each interface. Tadiran will use the company's technology to connect the machines in the factories to the cloud and to analyze the efficiency of the machines, warn of a decrease in function and malfunctions in real time, as well as to streamline maintenance work.

Yael Kochman, GM Programs at Quantum Hub: "Each of the collaborations created during the program has the potential to have a significant impact on the industry and great value for the participating companies. We are confident in our ability and that of our partners to give companies significant value and strategic partnerships." An entrepreneur would like to work for 3 months alongside mentors and leading CEOs from the industry he is aiming to build a POC at a target client, which is - beyond investment and content - the most significant value we provide to entrepreneurs. "

Quantum SPARK offers several avenues that will help the growth of participating companies. First, for the purpose of the program, a special model was built that fits a 'personal suit' for each startup, with the understanding that each startup is different in nature and has different needs. In addition, startups have direct access to more than 200 companies in Israel and around the world, which allows them to examine the size of the potential market and adjust their value proposition to the market. These are also joined by a team with over 40 years of experience in setting up companies, promoting entrepreneurs and raising funds for companies, which will benefit the companies.

The second cycle will open in April 2021 and will include between 7-8 companies from the following areas: Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Transport and Automotive, Logistics, Energy and Air Handling. The selected companies will be attached to a senior champion from a leading company in their target market for the benefit of planning and building a joint POC, with the program providing funding for the benefit of the POC. Applications can be submitted by pre-registering here.


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