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Safety Innovation: An App that Rewards Drivers for Positive Driving Changes

A new Israeli start-up recognizes positive changes in driving patterns and encourages safer driving. After a successful pilot with a metropolitan company, it is now collaborating with the truck fleet of transport plant, making safe driving affordable for drivers

Enginz system | 27/12/2020

The Israeli start-up SAFEMODE has developed an innovative system that knows how to measure all the important parameters in driving patterns such as speed, fuel consumption, abnormal or sudden braking, accidents and more. The company's goal is to connect with major transportation companies and enable compensation for drivers based on improved driving. This way, drivers will be financially incentivized for safer driving and everyone will benefit.

At the Kinneret Center for Innovation, which was established with the investment of the Tzemach Mifalim Group and the Kinneret Academic College, heard about SAFEMODE and decided to bring the good news to Tzemach Transport: "After a few weeks of implementation, the app was already in the personal smartphone of each of the 80 drivers in the company. I congratulate the entrepreneurial and creative, and Hanan and Tzemach Transport on the embrace of innovation. "

Financially motivated good drivers

SAFEMODE is entering a world that has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Transportation companies strive for continuous improvement and strive, among other things, to have close control over their drivers. In addition, while the demand for heavy vehicle drivers is rising - the supply is not growing, so companies that do not produce added value or suitable conditions for drivers experience a high turnover of manpower and sometimes even a shortage of workers. The result is high competition among transport companies trying to differentiate themselves and enrich the technologies they use. Through SAFEMODE, moving companies can provide a technological solution that puts the driver at the center and encourages him financially when a trend of improvement is identified. The driver has full access to all the reviews the system measures: the travel locations he has made, the distances traveled, the changes in speed depending on the road, his performance compared to previous days and the total financial incentive he has earned so far thanks to his performance.

"15% improvement in safety incidents"

"As a company with 80 years of experience in the field of transportation, we strive to always remain a relevant player in the industry," says Hanan Weiss, CEO of Jordan Valley Transportation Company - Transport Plant. “To stay relevant, a company must strive for renewal and progress. We are in the second week of the cooperation and you can already see that there is an improvement of about 15% in safety incidents. "

Ido Levy, CEO of SAFEMODE adds that “In the current project, from day one, we felt the commitment of the drivers towards the venture, they even call to advise us on how to improve the user experience. "When a driver earns a few hundred shekels more each month for careful driving, there is no doubt that the commitment he creates towards the process becomes natural." He said, "This is what guided us in setting up the app - if we are fair to the driver and open the door to positive behavior change for him, he will take it with both hands. I believe that this collaboration is just the tip of the iceberg and as it succeeds, we will be able to expand the activity to more collaborations with the group. "


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