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Surprising? Autonomous bus accident in its first day of service- Can we reach 5 nines safety?

After all the preliminaries and expectations of launching the self-driving bus service in Las Vegas this week, we saw that the expected safe drivers of autonomous vehicles and the 5 nines (99.999% safety) that we expected from those vehicles are far away from our lifetime. The race for autonomous vehicles launched a few years ago when most of the giant corporations of the automotive industry, as well as software companies, started to build the first cars.

Today we are one step ahead with self-driving cars Level 3/4 (Waymo of Google just announced to launch fully autonomous ride-hailing service with no human driver behind the wheel in Phoenix, Arizona in the next few months), But it seems that they have another major issue that we are not facing- The human drivers surrounding the self-driving cars (in this case a truck driver that crashed into the autonomous bus).

Unless we will take a time machine to 2060 with 100% autonomous vehicles with no human-driven cars, or creating routes for autonomous only, we will face this issue of the human factors for decades.

And this is exactly what SafeMode aims to solve- helping those self-driven cars to predict and interact with the human-driven cars to prevent road accidents and fatalities.


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