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IMPACT connect cars invites SafeMode to their Bootcamp

<IMPACT> Connected Car, funded Horizon 2020 EU Programme, choose SafeMode from more than 200 startups to participate in their Bootcamp, where they will select the next startup to fund under the Horizon 2020 grant and participate in the EU program for smart mobility.

In IMPACT Alumni, you can find great startups such as the Israeli Argus cyber security which acquired by Continental last year.

IMPACT Connect Car is focusing on SMEs and startups in the following challenges/verticals:

SAFETY & SECURITY Functions that warn driver of external hazards and internal responses of the vehicle to hazards:

DRIVER ASSISTANCE Functions involving partially or fully automatic driving. WELL-BEING Functions involving the driver’s comfort and ability and fitness to drive.

MOBILITY MANAGEMENT Functions that allow the driver to reach a destination quickly, safely and in a cost -efficient manner

VEHICLE MANAGEMENT Functions that aid the driver/car owner in reducing operating costs and improving ease of use.

INFOTAINMENT Functions involving entertainment of driver and passengers.

For more information about IMPACT:


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