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SafeMode on the AI startups Map!

SafeMode named at the map for AI startups with the lucrative Automotive sector.

Israel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup ecosystem has raised over $7.5 billion cumulatively and is undergoing explosive growth, characterized by a major influx of establishments and talent, forming what could be considered the global leader of AI over the next five years. Notwithstanding their absent national agenda and budget, Israel has already earmarked the largest AI exit to date (Mobileye — 15.3B) and boasts a substantial and growing cluster of startups utilizing and developing AI technologies.

The infographic above showcases Israel’s monstrous ecosystem of AI startups (including technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Speech Recognition, etc.) — those developing or utilizing AI technologies central to their core offering.

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