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Mondial tech award chosen SafaMode as Semi-Finalist

Pleased to announce that the Mondial Tech Startup Awards has chosen SafeMode as a semi-finalist out of over 450 startup applications from over 50 countries to the Paris Motor Show in October.

For the first time, the Paris Motor Show features the biggest startup awards in the world focused on the automotive industry. It will select the very best of all the 10,000 startups dedicated to mobility worldwide and invite them to exhibit and pitch during the best auto show in the world.

Several automotive leading brands are supporting the Mondial tech Startup awards:

- Faurecia

- Magna

- Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

- Transdev

The competition is focusing on 8 Categories:

- Sustainable Mobility

- Storage & Energetic Systems

- Electrification & Hybridization

- Connectivity & ITS

- Material & Weight Reduction

- Security, Automatization & Cybersecurity

- Well-being Experience

- Industry 4.0

Raed more in the link below:

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