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We are extremely excited to announce that we have made it to the Semi finals of the TAU innovation conference that is being held on July 16-18 at Tel Aviv University. SafeMode focuses on the driver behind the wheel, permanently changing their behavior and driving style, as well as helping autonomous vehicles to predict and react accordingly to human drivers’ next actions. Here, we are competing against other start up ventures in the hopes to win big! We cannot wait for our CEO Ido Levy to show off our amazing product as well as a huge thank you to TAU Innovation for giving us this opportunity to be apart of something amazing.

"Tau Innovation conference is a unique platform to experience, network and Identify

business opportunities in the center of the Israeli startup ecosystem. This years conference will mark 70 years of Israeli innovation from early stage startups and entrepreneurs to cornerstone of the startup industry.

These days of lectures from industry leaders, a startup competition with an investment of $150,000 by TAU Ventures and recruitment booths from the leading hi-tech companies in Israel".

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