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Heavy vehicles constitute only 3% of the total number of vehicles in Israel but responsible for more

Selfie on Israel transportation issues- The fatal accident last night on Highway 4, during which a bridge collapsed on a truck with an open crane, was the latest in a series of serious accidents involving trucks.

According to the National Road Safety Authority, in 2016, 102 people were killed in accidents involving trucks over 3.5 tons or buses. Heavy vehicles constitute only 3% of the total number of vehicles in the State of Israel, and their share of kilometers traveled is only 8.2%.

Safemode prevents the bulk of those accidents- human factor contributes to95% of those car accidents and more than 30% of those are related to smartphone distraction and texting while driving which SafeMode solution knows how to reduce- limits smartphone usage and texting while driving and improve drivers behavior in order to save lives and reduce the fatal accidents.

In 2016, 77 people were killed in road accidents involving trucks, 21% of the total number of fatalities in that year, far higher than the number of vehicles. The average number of vehicles involved in fatal accidents per 1,000 vehicles for the years 2011-2016 also has an excessive risk of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles: 1.92 accidents per thousand vehicles among heavy trucks, and 1.45 buses. For comparison, the ratio of private cars is 0.08.,7340,L-5003176,00.html

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