Behavioral AI

Our patented Behavioral AI, fusion multi-sourced data, profile driver behavior with a unique behavioral analysis: driver's usage patterns, driving habits, and behavioral reactions, and using ML to correlate attributes to other drivers reactions.

How does it work?

Our stand-alone software seamlessly operates in the cloud, where it's integrated with pre-existing vehicles sensors and platforms such as fleet management systems, ADAS, cameras and more.


Through our mobile app,  drivers are closing the loop and can form new driving habits while receiving rewards and feedbacks on their trips.


The automated platform saves time, effort, and money for fleet managers dealing with drivers management, with an endless amount of data, and with unprofessional bonuses plans.



Value- Proposition

Experimenting on a major commercial fleet, SafeMode founded to reduce 30% safety event and 3% fuel consumption, on-top these pre-existing solution:


In-cabin live feedback sensor


Monthly bonuses


 (based on telematics score)

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