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Your Driver - Success Platform



Let your data work for you!

Fleets are heavily invested in ELDs, GPSs, Fleet management platforms, dashcams, and many other data storage devices. 

However, it is highly time-consuming to get the value out of the data without a major time and labor investment. Not to mention how hard it is to access and utilize the data to manage your fleet's driving performance.


With the Driverz software, you can get the most out of your data, with little to no effort, resources, or knowledge required.

The Driverz software automatically engages your drivers, leading them to success on and off the road, freeing up your time and putting your mind at ease in order to focus on other fleet company related issues.

Not only that, with                         you can improve your drivers' safety, efficiency, and retention




You have the tools, to build relationships with your drivers

We know how busy you are, that is why your app is designed for your needs:

  • At the tip of your fingers, mobile-only

  • Actionable data- for decision makers

  • Designed for engagement, ease of use, and fun.

Now, fleet managers can focus on operations while we free up their time spent on driver management.

Put SafeMode to work

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Whether you’re looking to improve drivers' safety, efficiency, or retention, SafeMode’s technology can help.
Tell us more, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

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Make your fleet better

Make your job easier

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