SafeMode - Absolutely Safe Driving for Drivers
 Empowering Drivers 
Autonomous Vehicles

Cloud-based AI data analysis solution for Driver behavior 2.0 - helping fleet’s reducing damage and operational costs, boosting sharing mobility engagement and enabling autonomous vehicles to localize and adjust their behavior to the current situation.

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About Us

A lifesaving system that eliminates the human factor in road accidents, protecting drivers and vehicles now and as we transition to a future of autonomous driving. 

SafeMode provides a safety system for fleets, Mobility services, and autonomous driving systems.
The first platform of driver behavior 2.0 permanently changing driver's behavior with AI-based profiles and providing
the necessary data & intelligence for autonomous vehicles- predicting the behavior of the drivers surrounding them.


Reducing car accidents by 50 percent even when other safety measures are in place. Our system ensures 

less smartphone usage, a smoother ride, and better physical and cognitive readiness.


Localization for autonomous driving with additional predictive analytics layer to predict driver behavior and changes in the surroundings.


V2V connectivity between autonomous cars and human drivers for real time risk management and better decision-making.


A holistic solution for improving driver behavior in all aspects that impact driving style.

The product is designed for fleets, insurers, rental car companies, and car manufacturers.

SafeMode - Absolutely Safe Driving for Drivers


The SafeMode solution tackles the root causes behind 95 percent of road accidents. From an aggressive driving style to smartphone usage and fatigue, SafeMode solves the human factor behind the bulk of accident.


Based on innovative technology from the AI and Big Data domains and using techniques from  behavioral economics we can not only enhance the company's value but also bring value and a positive experience to drivers.

SafeMode - Absolutely Safe Driving for Drivers

Is driving behind a truck in Mumbai the same as in NYC?

Does a bus driver at night behave like a taxi driver in the winter?


In the coming decades, as autonomous cars share the road with the regular vehicles, the self driving cars will be required to read their environment as perfect as it drive. 

Predictive AI

Adding a context to the autonomous driving regards the human driving surrounding the it with the specific context of the driving in different environments of location, time and weather and will predict the behavior of the human driver next to the autonomous cars in the specific situation.


Connected cars call it V2V we are calling it H2A (Human2Autonomus) which providing to the autonomous cars, real time risk management about the human drivers surrounding them, their exact driving patterns and their current driving behavior and driver condition.