Our Company

SafeMode is eager to disrupt the mobility industry with a cutting-edge solution to save lives and anticipate the future growth of autonomous vehicles. Every year, nearly 1.3 million people die and 50 million are injured in traffic accidents. We are very passionate about changing those numbers by making the traffic environment a safer place.​




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The Team

At SafeMode, we’ve assembled a passionate team of pioneers and experts from the technology, Behavioral economics, and Automotive industries. Together, they combine deep product insight with advanced implementation expertise.


Ido Levy

CEO & Founder 


Ido is the CEO and co-founder of SafeModre. Before founding SafeMode, Ido was a Captain in the counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, managing and leading male and female soldier troops. As a result, he has much experience inciting innovative and creative thinking. At SafeMode, Ido recruited the partners and advisors for the company. He also led the multidisciplinary R&D team and Business Development team, which both work worldwide to disrupt the mobility industry. Ido has led SafeMode to many successful milestones- acceptance to Capsula and Alchemist accelerator and the recruitment of leading AI professors to the team to only name a few.


Dr. Erez Shmueli 

Chief Scientist 

Dr. Shmueli oversees the development of the SafeMode software. Dr. Shmueli is the current head of the Big Data Lab at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Shmueli started his academic work in the MIT Media Lab in 2012 as a postdoctoral associate, and then as a research affiliate. In 2014 he became a senior lecturer in Tel Aviv University. His research interests include Big Data, Complex Networks, Computational Social Science, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Database Systems, Information Security and Privacy.


Marcelo Gilman 

Head of Research & Development


With more than twenty years in the Software industry, Marcelo has led, managed and implemented challenging projects in the areas of recommendation systems, crowds simulation, interactive training systems, monitoring systems, and investments optimization. In his work, Marcelo has applied large-scale distributed architectures, computer simulations, and machine learning to a wide range of verticals such as e-commerce, crowd management, the army, solar energy, and financial technology.

Nissim (Itche) Levy

Vice President of Business Development 


Before coming to SafeMode, Itche was a Major in the special forces of the Israeli Defense Forces. He later founded his own air conditioning company and was responsible for managing over 160 employees in sixteen offices. Itche also managed British electro-mechanics companies in Nigeria and Ghana for 5 years until he came back to Israel to run his own company, PowerSines, which sells power saving products for businesses and manufacturers.


Boaz Ein-Gil

Software and Machine Learning Developer

Boaz is one of our Big Data experts. While working as a Data Science Manager for Intel, Boaz worked on user profiling on wearable devices data using AI and big data tools. Before working at Intel, Boaz worked for more than eighteen years at Microsoft enhancing Cortana's ability to act as a personal assistant and building machine learning business solutions as SaaS on Azure. He also was part of the core team of the Big Data Analytics startup within Microsoft's Startup Business Group and was responsible for incubating machine learning based products/solutions on top of big data sources including social media (twitter), server logs and gaming data.

Dr. Ido Erev

Behavioral Exert 


Professor Erev in involved with the research of behavioral economics and its applications to the Driver Behavior 2.0  software. He also works as the Vice Dean for MBA programs at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, the Head of the Behavioral Science Area, the head of the Technion section of the Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Research, and the head of the Technion Group in the ICORE for Empirical Legal Studies of Decision Making. His research and work includes using behavioral science to match individual incentives to drivers in order to convince them to improve their driving patterns.

Advisory Board


Nadav Arahony

Head of Product and Driver Experience at Uber

Dave Friedman

President at Ayla Networks

Gady Shelaski

CEO at GS Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Ilan Karni

Founder and Former CEO of Metropolin


Ittai Hoffen

Business Development and Product Manager at Volterra