Driver-centric fleet management platform

Driving your fleet safely by
shifting the focus to the driver

Why Drivers?

Drivers' driving behavior constitutes 20% of the overall operational costs of vehicles, which translates into $25K annually per vehicle.



In a good case, drivers don't really care. In the worst case, drivers are absent (the shortage of professional drivers today stands on 60K in the US alone).

Driver Behavior 2.0

Existing systems are reactive.

A massive amount of data is collected.

Fleet managers are overwhelmed.

Drivers don't care.

We specialize in leveraging these data to bring actual value for drivers and proactively modify their behavior.

Bringing value to the driver

Based on our team's decades of research, SafeMode knows how drivers should be rewarded in order to promote safe and economical driving. 

For the first time ever, SafeMode integrates AI& Big Data together with Behavioral Economics, creating a platform for a personalized driver experience.

Our system provides drivers with personalized feedback, incentives and rewards, and attention, leading to high levels of engagement.

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