We're making average drivers better, and good drivers great


SafeMode is a cloud-based AI platform that reduces road accidents and operation costs for fleets. We've designed a new type of engagement platform that empowers fleet drivers to improve their own safety performance.

Introducing the first driver engagement platform

Learn about your driving behavior

Get coachable insights to drive better

See your rewards and improvement

Automating driver management

We know that fleet managers are busy, so we analyze the data and extract actionable insights. Using our behavioral-AI platform, we create personalized incentives for each driver to maximize their potential improvement. 

A driver's best friend 

When drivers are safe and efficient, they get rewarded: it’s that simple. Unlike other fleet management tools that monitor drivers for big brother purposes, SafeMode’s purpose is to benefit drivers.

Easy to use

Our software does not require any equipment or intervention from the fleet manager. Simply download the app and watch your fleet drive better and save money. 

Cutting fleet expenses

For each driver, SafeMode annually saves over $30,000:

Accidents & Repair


Fuel Consumption



Wear & Tear


Insurance Rates


Vehicle Value


Driver Recruitment


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