Behavioral-AI Platform

Our platform creates personalized rewards to incentivize drivers to improve their performance



Accurate and holistic driver profiles 

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Multi-sourced data


Whether it is telematics, a driver’s smartphone, and/or cameras, we fuse all onboard vehicle data in our models.


Comparative scoring


We know that within all fleets, there is a range of driver skill. So, we incentivize the good drivers to continue being safe and incentivize the average drivers to become better. 


Contextual scoring


We understand that drivers are more than their data. So, we contextualize driver behavioral data with environmental factors such as time of day, road conditions, and repeated incidents.


Behavioral change through incentives

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Driver Rewards  


We create individual rewards based on each driver’s personal triggers. We find the optimal point where fleets experience maximum growth and drivers are the most satisfied. 




On our mobile app, drivers can see how their safety ranking compares to other drivers in the fleet. This competition pushes drivers to further their safety performance.