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Boost your safety and streamline your operations with our exclusive driver engagement program!

Chosen DSPs will participate in a unique program to enhance driver engagement, design driver incentive plans, and automate analysis of driver behavior within the SafeMode platform.

Apply Today!

  • 6-month pilot program

  • The SafeMode driver incentive software for free

  • Spotlight at the Amazon IGNITE summit in Las Vegas when publishing the results.

  • Advanced Risk-Management support for the insurance partner.

  • Tailor-made design of your driver scorecards and incentive structures

  • Weekly and monthly reports of your driver performance and improvements

  • Driver mobile app with real-time feedback


For additional information and applications, please email:


Simple & Profitable

  • Low Cost- Chosen companies to join the program will enjoy financial support for participating in the program.

  • Seamless- The platform uses the existing telematics platforms (NetraDyne)- no need for any new installation- all the data is pulled via cloud integration.

  • Effortless- Drivers download the app from the app store. The app doesn't run in the background or collect data (it doesn't even request permission for location etc.).

  • Effective- Drivers love the app (on average, we have 80%, daily active users). the Return On Investment is 1:3-1:10; on every dollar paid to the driver, the fleet gets $3-$10 (will be measured in the pilot).

  • Automated- The platform is fully automated and saves time for managers, providing all the actionable insights at their fingertips. In addition, there is no overhead for the operations.

  • Proven- The program is a spin-off of MIT research and backed by dozens of publications- the Behavior Design model of incentive and positive reinforcement (rather than punishment and negative reinforcement) works. 

  • Driver-Centric- Drivers love the app and program; it is built for them to like it and embrace it as a daily habit.


Thank you!
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