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Delivering driver incentive and retention programs that work

Design driver incentive plans and engage drivers daily with a positive and gamified mobile app



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Success Stories 

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Amazon DSPs' 71% decrease in critical safety violations!


SafeMode's direct correlation to 30% fewer accidents and insurance claims


Utilizing driver incentives to increase ELD compliance and safety

Success Stories

Fleets face driver-related challenges

High driver turnover rates

Driver attrition harms the stability of fleets' operations and adds significant expenses to business's bottom-lines

Conflict of interest 

Unfortunately, drivers don't have the same interest as their employers - safe driving, compliance, fuel economy, and productivity 

Misspending incentives

88% of fleets are paying driver incentives. These incentives are poorly managed by pen & paper or spreadsheets. No analytics, low ROI.

Check out how fleets benefit from deploying digital driver incentive programs

A comprehensive system for driver engagement

Digital Driver Scorecard

Choose the metrics to measure driver performance 

Analytics &   Reports

Insightful analytics and scheduled reports for the management

Built-in incentive plans

We design the best incentive plans for you, 

Fleet management integrations

Seamless integrates with your existing telematics and dash cam solutions

Gamified driver mobile app

Gamified driver app helping drivers to earn daily cash incentives

Effortless, Fair, Gamified 

Your fleet's operation deserves it.

Get your FREE digital driver scorecard and incentive plan 

The automated end-to-end platform 

Incentive design app

Simply select built-in incentive programs and customize them to your fleet's operations.

Design the metrics for driver safety, productivity, fuel efficiency, compliance, and more. 

The science-backed incentive plans and our experts will tailor them to your business.  

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Gamified driver mobile app

Easy and fun to use, drivers get daily incentives based on their safety performances. 

Drivers can review their trips, get insights into their performances and see their monthly budget and earnings.

Actionable analytics for managers 

Our automated process saves you time, highlighting the most relevant items and showing you how your drivers improve their metrics.

The platform sends you scheduled detailed reports so that you can keep track of your drivers' success.

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Our driver retention tool - Beta*

We know that driver turnover is the most crucial challenge that fleets face.

Join now to get the first access to the game-changing tool and stay ahead of the market.


Samsara added SafeMode to its app marketplace!

Now, every Samsara customer can add the SafeMode add-on to the Samsara platform in one click!

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Basic FREE

Get the full driver incentive software, self-served

- Self-service 

- Built-in incentive plans

- Full driver mobile app

- Scheduled weekly & monthly reports

- Closed list of integrated telematics partners 


The dedicated service package that unlock the full potential of the platform

- Complete service package

Dedicated account manager 

- Personalized incentive plans

- Kick-off plan for managers

- On-boarding support for drivers 

- Advanced analytics 

- Engagement Analytics 

- Replies to driver inquiries 

Retention - Beta*

The game-changing tool to support your driver retention 

- Join our research for driver retention with MIT

- Analytics on your driver turn-over pattern

- Early access for the driver-retention tool

Award-winning innovation

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