Empowering Drivers and Fleet Managers

Driver - Engagement Platform

Focus on your business, we’ll engage your drivers, watch your bottom line increase

Getting more with less

Simultaneously increase driver motivation and reduce safety incidents, without the need of additional investments of time and money.

It's not another fleet management platform

Increase driver motivation by rewarding them for the type of driving practices that increase fleets bottom line.

Driving your fleet safely by
shifting the focus to the driver

Why Drivers?



Drivers' driving behavior constitutes 20% of the overall operational costs of vehicles, which translates into $25K annually per vehicle.

Improve their safety and efficiency through best practice driving techniques. And rewards them for their progress.

Through AI and behavioral economics we analyze their past and current driving behavior to produce actionable data insights to drivers, displayed through our engagement platform, showing drivers where they need to improve (braking, harsh acceleration, sharp turns, etc.) 

How do we empower drivers?

Drivers - First


Engage your drivers with our

Driver Success Platform

No Upfront $

Seamless integration process with your existing resources. 


Reduce safety events and increase your gas efficiency. 

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