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Putting drivers in the center of the transportation industry,

one mile at a time.


Drivers are moving the world forward, They deserve more.

More Value.

More Engagement.

More Recognition. 

With the




Drivers get:

  • Rewards for their hard work

  • Full control of their information

  • Tools benefiting them 

In a positive, engaging, and fun app!

The lack of recognition for the world's most common profession, transport drivers, along with a massive shortage of drivers, creates a threatening situation for fleets’ existence.
With no recognition or incentive, drivers have little reason to stay loyal to their fleets and even less interest in investing in the ongoing effort to maintain high safety and efficiency standards.

SafeMode's Driver-Success platform designed to increase driver satisfaction through recognition and rewards. We are forming a robust relationship between drivers and managers, rallying the entire fleet around common interests producing higher profits, better safety standards, and higher driver-retention rates.

Driving your fleet safely by
shifting the focus to the driver


The Driverz mobile app provides drivers with full access and control of their data, daily financial bonuses recognizing their quality performance and insightful tools, allowing them to become the best drivers they want to be.

The software is effortless for fleet management. By using the existing vehicles’ hardware, the platform analizes driving patterns 


Your Fleet's Value

  • 30% higher driver-retention

  • 30% reduction in road accidents

  • 5% savings in fuel consumption

$12,000- $20,000 savings per driver/ annually

With SafeMode, you become the industry leader. Providing best-in-class service to customers- by your motivated drivers.